Agnes Water and Town of 1770 are located approximatley 125 kilometers to the south of Gladstone and are easily accessible by bitumen road. 


These idyllic communities are situated on a pristine stretch of beach and headlands. The are is heaven for fishing enthusiasts or those merely wishing to truly ‘get away from it all’. The are is well serviced by a shopping centre and various types of accommodation, including motels, cabins and serviced apartments as well as caravan and camping facilities.

Beach Fishing

There is a huge number of beautiful beach fishing locations in and around Agnes Water/ Town of 1770 – many are quite secluded and some require 4WD vehicle access. Some of the species that are available to beach fisherpersons include Swallowtail Dart, Jew, Snub Nose, Dart, Tailor, Yellowfin Bream, Mackerel, Tarwhine, Shark, Summer and Winter Whiting, Dusky Flathead, Sand and Bartail Flathead.


Rock Fishing

Some of the finest and most consistent rock fishing you will find anywhere is available here! Spots like the famous “catwalk” Agnes Point and, Wreck Rock can be a mecca for the keen land-based fishos. Apart from the usual Bream, Dart, Sweetlip (to name a few), we have a whole range of pelagic game species on offer, from fairly easily accessible rock platforms. For those who prefer to fish these areas from a boar, there is easy access from Round Hill Creek for even small boats in calm weather conditions. 



The Discovery Coast is also widely known as an access point to the Southern Great Barrier Reef, with locations such as Fitzroy Lagoon, Boult and Lamon Reefs, as well as iconic Islands such as Lady Musgrave Island to choose from. The Inner and Outer Wides, between the mainland and the reefs, are also favourites. 


These hotspots are loaded with Coral Trout, Sweetlip, huge Red Emperor, and Spanish Mackerel. Town of 1770 has an excellent boar ramp and parking facilities with the closes reef approx. 30 miles offshore. The area has an excellent service station at Agnes Water and on-water refuelling at the Seventeen Seventy Marina. 


Creek & Estuary

If you prefer estuary fishing, there are a large number of options in the area. Some include Round Hill, Eurimula Creek, Middle Creek, Jenny Lind Creek and Pancake Creek, to name a few. The range of fish species available is huge but just a few include Barramundi, Queenfish, Mangrove Jack, Trevally, Estuary Cod, Grunter, Silver and Pike Bream, Burnett Slamon, Flathead and Whiting.


Whether it’s fishing the mangrove-lined creeks, drifting the channel edges, casting a fly on the sandflats for Gold Trevally or chasing a feed of sweet prawns and succulent mud crabs, you will find it here!