With love from Wilson Island

Your next island home is waiting for you on a secluded natural coral cay on the Great Barrier Reef and it goes by the name of Wilson Island. Just off the coast of Gladstone and only 15km from nearby Heron Island, a one-of-a-kind, Wilson Island escape is literally what dreams are made of. Here are 8 great reasons why you need to unplug from life and book Wilson Island for your next getaway…


1. You can relax and rejuvenate in complete privacy and seclusion!


A holiday to Wilson Island will feel like you’re on your very own private island making it the perfect destination to escape the hustle, bustle and unwind. Did we also mention, it is an adult only island that accommodates for only 18 guests at any one time? Can we see a show of hands? Yes please!



2. You will be mesmerised by the unrivalled natural beauty as you become a true guest of nature on the magnificent Southern Great Barrier Reef!


It’s hard not to be charmed by nature on Wilson Island whether you’re swimming alongside the spectacular marine life, using your provided binoculars to take in the to-die-for views and bird life or have a front row ticket to say… a pod of dolphins. Those #onlyonwilson feels are strong!


3. Your comfort is key!


Hidden amongst the Pisonia Forest, your luxurious designer inspired safari tents will tick every creature comfort you could hope for. You can lay in your king size bed complete with gorgeous eco linen and be merely metres from the sand and ocean, all the while listening to the sound of the waves crashing and nature doing what it does best.


4. You can unwind or explore as much or as little as you desire!


Whether you want to fill your days with snorkelling, kayaking, exploring the island, or you’d much rather kick back in your very own hammock with a good book or challenge your fellow Wilson Island goers to a board game, every Wilson Island holiday is unique for you to make YOUR own!

5. You will never experience another sunset quite like it!


Does it get any better than watching a sunset while drinking champagne (or beverage of your choice) and being treated to a platter of mouth-watering scallops and oysters! Now that is livin!


6. Your taste buds will be so delighted you’ll never want to leave!


Breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between is what you will be treated to on your stay! Your super hosts/chefs will personally prepare you nourishing breakfasts, picnic lunches, sunset platters (see #5 above) and appetising feasts for dinner not to forget heavenly desserts.


7. The little things matter on Wilson Island!


Every aspect of your Wilson Island stay has been so well thought out! From the guest questionnaires you fill in prior to your stay to the sand baths that sit outside your safari tent, the little things make a big difference.

8. Should you so desire, you can reserve the entire island, exclusively! Need we say anymore!!!



From the big things to the little things and everything in between, no shell has been left unturned to ensure your Wilson Island stay will fill your heart with memories that will last a lifetime. So immerse yourself in the 7th natural wonder of the world that is Wilson Island and click here for more information on how you can experience your own trip of a lifetime to this perfect patch of paradise.