North West Island

Situated approximately 75 kilometres from Gladstone, North West Island is the largest Coral Cay in the area and forms part of the Capricorn Cays National Park. The island offers opportunities for bushwalking, nature study, reef walking, diving and snorkelling. Being a large coral cay it has longer walking opportunities through the island and around its beaches.

Fishing is also quite popular on the island. Visitors are requested to limit their fishing and you must only fish in the authorised zones. Please obtain zoning maps from QPWS Gladstone or a Visitor Information Centre.


The island is accessible by private boat. Alternatively Curtis Ferry Services offer barge transfers that depart from the Gladstone Marina and deliver you right to your beach campsite on North West Island.

Camping on North West Island 

Bookings are necessary before camping on North West Island and permits apply. Composting toilets are available on the Island for the convenience of campers only. Self-sufficient camping is available however, visitors are required to take their own water and a fuel stove. Also be sure to pack sturdy bags to take rubbish away with you.


Click here for more information about camping permits, requirements and restrictions.