Regional Certifying Body

As a Regional Certifying Body for the Gladstone Region, it is Gladstone Area Promotion & Development Ltd.’s (GAPDL) role to assess applications lodged under the Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional) visa (Subclass 494) (SESR) and provide certification advice to the Department of Home Affairs (DHA).

RCB advice can be provided before or after a SESR (Subclass 494) Nomination application is made with DHA, but is a mandatory criterion for the DHA to approve the Nomination application.

This visa subclass is to assist employers in regional and low population growth areas of Australia where they have been unable to fill vacant positions with Australian citizens or permanent residents living in or willing to move to the regional area where the nominated position is located.

Any Australian employer who is actively and lawfully operating a business in a regional or low population growth area of Australia can sponsor skilled overseas workers through the RSMS as long as it meets a certain criterion.


GAPDL’s Regional Certifying Body (RCB) Migration Manager is responsible for assessing requests for certification for SESR (Subclass 494) visas nomination applications. All nomination and visa decisions themselves are made by DHA.The primary criterion assessed by the RCB during certification assessment is whether the identified person for the position would be paid at least the Annual Market Salary Rate (AMSR) for the occupation, taking into account the regional location, market and circumstances.DHA relies on GAPDL’s local knowledge “about businesses operating in the RCB’s jurisdiction [that] adds value to the [Nomination and Visa] assessment process”.   


All SESR (Subclass 494) applications are required to have a certification from the RCB that has jurisdiction for the area where the position is located. The RCB certification needs to be provided to DHA before they decide the associated Nomination application.


For further information refer to the Department of Home Affairs website.


The following must be included with certification requests:

  • A completed Form 1404
  • A copy of the Nominee’s letter of offer or employment contract;
  • Evidence and associated explanation of how you determined the Nominee’s salary, taking into account the Annual Market Salary Rate for the occupation (for information about how to determine salary/AMS. More information can be found HERE 
  • A covering letter in support of the certification request, including any information that will assist GAPDL in value-adding with local knowledge/information;
  • Credit Card Authorisation Form.
  • Please call the GAPDL office on (07) 4972 4000 if you have questions about the SESR certification process, or email


SESR (Subclass 494) certification requests will be assessed within 10 business days from date of submission providing all required information is included. Upfront payment is required and the certification requests will not be assessed without receipted payment. Most applications will be finalised in less than ten business days where possible, provided the information included is acceptable.


Service – SESR (Subclass 494) RCB certification request;

Fee* – $500 excluding GST


Credit Card Authorisation Form


*The RCB fee is currently under review and may change.

Note that GAPDL, as the RCB, is still able to continue accepting requests for RCB certification for the former RSMS beyond the 15 November 2019 cease date for RSMS nominations, as there is no legislative basis for ceasing RCB certifications on that date.