Boyne Tannum Turtleway Artscape

Boyne Tannum Turtleway Artscape


The Boyne Tannum Turtleway Artscape is an ongoing community developed project which installs public art along the Turtleway Bikeway, which runs through Tannum Sands and Boyne Island. The Boyne River runs between the towns of Boyne Island and Tannum Sands and the Turtleway Bikeway can be found along its banks on both sides.


The project aims to enhance the Turtleway Bikeway with artworks such as sculptures, mosaic and functional art among other things. The public art has been well used in showpiece areas around Tannum Sands such as Millennium Esplanade and Canoe Point. It has created immense interest and pride among both local residents and tourists.


The Boyne Tannum Turtleway Artscape is made possible by local businesses and makes use of local artists.


The Boyne Tannum Turtleway Artscape is a true celebration of Public Art.


Main funding partners:
Boyne Smelters Ltd, Boyne Tannum Arts Business Community Assoc Inc, Boyne Island Lions Club, Boyne Tannum Rotary, Gladstone Regional Council, Sunfest and The Regional Arts Development Fund.

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Millennium Esplanade, Tannum Sands, Queensland 4680 Australia