Lake Awoonga is located 30 kilometres from Gladstone and boasts spectacular lake and mountain views. 


Excellent recreation facilities are available free to the public by the Gladstone Area Water Board with shelter sheds and barbecues, walking paths and playgrounds. Enthusiastic anglers come to Lake Awoonga to catch the farmed Barramundi. Over two million of which have been released into the lake.


The largest catch to date weighed in a hefty 36.5kg! Approximately 300,000 fish are released each year, including 200,000 Barramundi, 100,00 Mullet and some Mangrove Jack.


Alternatively, you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife. Feathered, furry or scaled, Lake Awoonga is home to a thriving array of small animals, many of which are conservation significance. Water vegetation maintains a wondrous array of small animals that support the fish, eels, turtles, platypus and birds.