Alf Larson/Lions Park

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The Alf Larson/Lions Park has been designed to entice visitors off the highway to enjoy the historical town of Miriam Vale. This play destination features a state-of-the-art playground and has fast become an iconic attraction for the region.

Appealing to all ages, the park is sure to be a crowd pleaser for the whole family. For the older children, there are three different angled nets and two high-speed slides. This along with the giant birdsnest swing and skateboard rail is a great challenge for their coordination and balance.

For the younger children, the park has been well thought out to include sensory, physical, social and imaginative play options, along with a fantastic water play area.

The play options are truly endless at this wonderful park, which is also conveniently located nearby cafes and shops.


Phone: 4974 6241


Map & Directions

4 Station Street, Miriam Vale