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Islands of the Southern Great Barrier Reef

Snorkelling in deepwater coral lagoons, personalised reef fishing tours, or the simple pleasure of watching turtle hatchlings enter the water for the first time - Whatever your passion, you're sure to find it here in the Heart of the Southern Great Barrier Reef. 

Feel the awe of discovering stunning secluded reef within reach, with access to some of the most amazing island just off the coast of Gladstone you'll be sure to be swimming, snorkelling or diving on the Great Barrier Reef in no time! Heron and Wilson Islands are the only calm lagoons on the Great Barrier Reef whilst Lady Musgrave Island's beautiful Coral Cay is like no place on earth. 

If the name Gladstone conjures up happy memories of carefree childhood holidays, then you’re on the right track. You’ll adore this Southern Great Barrier Reef gem for its fabulous fishing and laid-back culture you’ll find at places brimming with colour and character. The Gladstone Region is full of surprises!